Richard Sheppard

December 2021

March 1 2021

Mars and Moon November 2020

Comet Neowise - July 2020

I finally got a bit of a break in the clouds so although the seeing was not great thought I would try to get an image of Jupiter and a moon conjunction and io’s shadow crossing the disk. Richard Sheppard - September 2021

Giraffe on the Sun! And Jupiter transits. September 2021

October 2021 Transits of Jupiter Richard changed these
Into this!
November 2021 Ceres and Aldebaran
I had managed a video of Uranus and now have had a chance to stack and process it. I am not sure if it was 100% in focus as its such a faint and un-stable image on the computer screen whilst trying to focus,then getting all the other settings right for capture. I have also used a different type of processing in registax on the video shots of Jupiter,it shows more details but with a different finish from the basic linear method, I will send both types to see what you think. As for Uranus it shows a disk shape but as usual with this planet no detail.(unless you are Damian Peach of course). Will give it another go when it get a bit higher in the sky without waiting up till mid night

Richard sent this photo of M38, also known as the Starfish cluster, in Auriga. This was following the discussion we had at our

December meeting about how important drawing observations was before photography. Of course, digital photography has made

things better as results are seen much faster than in the days of film. Computer software has enable astro-photographers to

achieve images that could only be dreamt about before. The bottom image is M38 as Stellarium shows it.

Stellarium image of M38

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